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Here's what some highly esteemed and probably glitter-covered women have to say about the last six years of #BullCon!
The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Business


by Eva Jannotta


Sometimes you come across something – an article, a person, an idea, a place – and you have no idea how important it will be to you later. Something influential could be around every corner – you never know! At the time, it’s just another thing. But in hindsight, you can see the impact that thing had on your life. This is about one of those things.


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10 Things I Learned at a Summit for Ambitious Women


by Koa Beck on DailyWorth


Get Bullish, a career and business advice website, addresses Millennial women who aren’t sure they want to “lean in” to a corporate career or traditional job (especially when there aren’t that many of them anymore). Get Bullish advocates designing your own career by finding fulfilling ways to create value in what you do.


The intimate conference of about 40 ladies (or bullicorns, as they self-identify) allowed for optimal networking, learning, discussion, coaching, and workshopping about the professional world. Here’s what I learned watching them build their empires poolside.


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How To Get Bullish In Your Career- DC Edition


by Bonnie Stintson


Today, from the bottom of my ambitious, combative feminist heart, I have a gift for you. 

​There is a career blogger whom I find myself recommending to friends (even strangers!) almost daily.


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On Starting Your Own Business, and Being a Productivity Unicorn


by Gala Darling


Jen has long been regarded as the go-to gal for women who want truly frank counsel when it comes to business, productivity and running your life like a boss, so it makes sense that she’s pulling it all together under the umbrella of the Bullish Conference. 


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On International Women's Day, A Day Without Women and Hustling


by Yelling Viv


One of the places I’ve been getting a lot of value in my reading is Get Bullish (run by the brilliant Jen Dziura), and I am hoping to attend the Bullish Conference this fall. In the last year or two, I have started to truly build a network of smart, savvy, fearless women into my life, and I don’t know how I’ve lived this many years without them. 


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Register for the Bullish Conference and Make Your Career Dreams a Reality


by Vanessa on Autostraddle


Once Jen realized her columns were literally changing women’s lives, she made the logical next step and decided she needed to bring things into the 3-D world. As you all know, I feel really good about taking communities formed on the internet and recreating them in the real tangible world, so I was thrilled to hear that Jen was planning an entire conference dedicated to the things she always writes about which includes class and gender issues in business, assertiveness, sexual ethics, “gentlewomanly living,” multiple income streams, and the value of women talking openly about money, careers, privilege, and influence. 


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