BullCon17 Schedule

Thursday- November 2nd

4-7pm: Check in and Registration

7-9pm: Informal networking and chill time

Friday- November 3rd

8:30-9:30am: Breakfast (location: Admirals 2)

9:45-10:45: Opening Roundtable (location: Admirals 1)

11:00-12:00:  General Session: How YOU Can Help Create Gender Equality in the Workplace and Further Your Career at the Same Time - Romy Newman (location: Admirals 1): "Companies are investing in gender diversity more than ever. But latest projections say gender equality in the workplace in the USA is 170 years away. How can women help make gender equality happen faster? Learn 9 practical actions we can all take to further our own careers while furthering gender equality in the workplace." 

12:15-1:45: Lunch break

2:00-3:00: Breakout Sessions:

  • How to Recover After Life Punches You in the Face - Mariah MacCarthy (PDP) (location: East Wing): "In 2012, life punched me in the face. I had defaulted on two student loans and three credit cards. Oh, also, I was pregnant, and planning to place the baby in an open adoption with a nice gay couple. This talk covers, in practical terms meant to be applied to a multitude of situations, the steps I took to back from the darkest period of my life - financially, emotionally, and in my career. You can do it too! Those steps are, in brief: 1) Make More Money 2) Get Clear On What You DON'T Have to Do - and Then Don't Do It 3) Trick Yourself Into Behaving Better 4) Do What Makes You Feel Like You 5) Lean On Your People 6) Make Sure It Doesn't Happen Again 7) Use It"

  • You Already Have Your First Client You Just Don’t Know It – Ijeoma Nwatu Enemanna (SHS) (location: West Wing): "How do you get that first dollar with a business or side hustle? That first client might be within your first and second network circles. You need to activate those circles and be intentional about securing a (paid) client. Look forward to a fun social media contest and pitching practice."

3:15-4:15: Breakout Sessions:

  • You’ve Got This - Practical Advice For New Managers - Caro Griffin (S@W) (location: Roosevelt Room): "Taking on a management role is often considered the natural next step for top performers, or a sign that your own business is successful. It’s the culmination of all of our hard work! But managing a team often requires a new skill set. When I accepted my current role, I went from being self-employed to managing a growing team at a startup. I saw the personnel management as a small piece of my job, and was unprepared for the steep learning curve. Two years later, I’ve grown my team from 3 to 20 and become really passionate about building a company that's a good place to work. This talk is relevant for any Bullicorn who is currently in a management role, looking to take on management responsibilities in the near future, or wondering if management is the right track for them."

  • Entrepreneurship, Freelance and Side Hustle Q&A - Jen Dziura (SHS) (location: Diplomat Room): "Ask Jen questions about freelancing, getting work, balancing side hustles and starting a business. This Q&A will is right for anyone who owns their own business (or wants to), works freelance (or wants to), has a side hustle (or wants to). 


4:30-5:30: Breakout Sessions:

  • Investing Like a Badass - Lillian Karabaic (PDP) (location: West Wing): "Investing can be intimidating and overwhelming for many women (because the patriarchy tells us it isn’t our job), but it doesn’t need to be. You can write everything you need to know to invest like a badass on the back of a napkin. By the end of this workshop, you’ll have a full grasp on retirement allocations and expense ratios and be ready to start investing for your future."

  • From “Token” to “Asset”, How to use being different to your advantage - Janice Omadeke (S@W) (location: East Wing): "Having worked in predominantly older white male environments, I've constantly been the person used to show that the company hires women and minorities. This could have left me upset, but instead I used this as an opportunity to get more leadership responsibilities, stand out, and surpass my teammates in career evolution. This session will inspire and motivate the audience to celebrate what makes them unique, and use it as a powerful tool to change the status quo and advance their careers."


5:45-7pm: Free Time - Dinner on your own


7:30-9pm: General Assembly Coding Workshop + Happy Hour - Lauren Jacobson (S@W, SHS) (location: General Assembly): "Coding is not magic! It is also not an inscrutable black box. What does that mean? — Everyone is capable of learning to code. During the workshop, we will talk about why coding is a valuable skill for any professional and learn how to applying coding and related tech skills in your everyday work or side-hustle. Prepare for a fun and interactive workshop."

Location notes: General Assembly is located at 1133 15th St NW, 8th Fl. This is a 20 minute walk (or short Lyft ride). Because workshop space is limited, Lauren’s workshop will be offered at 7:30 and again at 8:15, concurrently with happy hour. So you can come for either workshop session (or neither), but we’d suggest showing up for the earlier one if you’re really into this topic!


Saturday- November 4th

8:30-9:30am: Breakfast (location: Admirals 2)

9:45-10:45am: General Session: The Future is Female, But Are We Ready for Male Reactions - Demi Ajayi and Nekpen Osuan (S@W, PDP) (location: Admirals 1): "Women are breaking barriers every day. On average, we are more college-educated than men. How are men reacting to this ‘threat’ of female success? From Google manifestos to silent protest in the voting booth, there is a resistance that has a direct impact on our day to day lives. While we are grateful for our allies, there are many more men at work, in our families and communities who still need to progress in their views on women’s rights. In this session, we discuss strategies for productive engagement and how to bridge the gap ‘of where we are now and where we hope to be."

11:00-12:00pm: Breakout Sessions

  • Side Hustle Queens - Starting and Balancing your Side Hustle and Life – Jasmine Smith, Chianti Lomax, and Dominique Broadway (SHS) (location: Roosevelt Room): The hosts of The Modern Brown Woman podcast are all powerhouses with varied experiences in side hustles, including managing a full-time job and a side hustle, hustling while parenting, and taking a side hustle full-time. Jasmine, Chianti, and Dominique will discuss side hustles podcast-style and answer questions from those looking to become side hustle queens."

  • How to Write the Best Goddamn Interoffice Memo the World Has Ever Seen - Kathryne Dunlap (S@W) (location: Diplomat Room): "A lot of organizations involve regular reporting on day-to-day performance and progress towards larger goals. You can turn these rote memos into eye-catching infographic presentations, making both yourself and your work more visible. You do not need advanced math skills, design know-how, or expensive software to do this. I’ve personally gotten two promotions thanks to this technique. (I know that sounds terribly gimmicky but it’s actually true.) I’ve also used it to successfully advocate for policy changes by showing how they would save company resources, and gotten raises for the people I managed by demonstrating how much they were doing. Learn how to use free tools to further your career with interoffice memos."


12:00-1:30pm: Lunch break

1:30-2:30pm: Pop-up Market, Feminist Photobooth, Networking (location: Lower Level Lobby “L1”)

2:45-3:45pm: Breakout Sessions:

  • Own Your Future with Kara Davidson and Stephanie Judd (PDP, S@W) (location: Admirals 2): "Create a vision for your year based on what’s important to you (values) and the difference you want to make (purpose), and break it into measurable goals and actions. Kara and Stephanie lead highly immersive and interactive workshops – come prepared to share and participate."

  • Tools Systems and Processes – Emily Chapman (PDP) (location: Diplomat Room): "The presentation makes the general argument that there are tasks best left to robots, and chief among them is remembering things. It walks through how to set systems in place in a variety of contexts to standardize data input and storage so that more time is spent doing interesting things with that data and less time figuring out when someone is available for a meeting. Use tech to get your life back, whether it's scheduling client meetings, writing form emails, or composing opening lines on Bumble."


4:00-5:00pm:  General Session: Closing Roundtable (location: Admirals 1)


5:15-7:00pm: Free Time - Dinner on your own


7-9pm: Closing Party with Signature Bullicorn Cocktail (location: Lower Level Lobby)


Sunday- November 5

9:00am-10:00am - Checkout, sightseeing, social time