Call for Speakers

Welcome to the call for speakers. If you're interested in speaking at BullCon, you may want to come first as an attendee. Most of our speakers have attended in previous years.

We are especially interested in hearing from diverse speakers. Our content is oriented towards women and nonbinary folks. Some topics we are interested in: social justice and allyship in the workplace, systems and automation, trainings and workshops on practical work skills, how to promote projects for people who aren't very self-promotional, business know-how for people who may not be entirely comfortable with business, money management for people who might not be entirely comfortable with capitalism, mixing politics with careers, coping professionally despite chronic illness and/or mental illness, using our professional power for activism, and personal development on topics we might not have even thought about. We looove talks that are weirdly specific and actionable (for example, how to write interoffice memos that knock people's socks off and get you promoted).

We are not interested in woo (astrology, manifesting, pseudoscience) or vague talks about wellness and balance. This is ... the anti-GOOP, if you will.

We're happy to hear from first-time speakers if your topic is unique, practical, and useful to others. Speakers receive a free pass to the conference. No other honoraria or travel assistance are available. If you are applying as a speaker and want to make sure you are able to attend whether you are speaking or not, you may purchase a conference ticket, and if your speaker pitch is accepted, your ticket price will be promptly refunded. The deadline for submissions is Dec 15, 2019