Speaker offers for bullcon18 attendees

$125 Off San Francisco Retreat


Dr. Maya Borgueta

West Coast Bullicorns! Join Stella Nova in San Francisco this Nov 30-Dec 1 for Daring Way™ Mind and Body: A Wholehearted Retreat with Yoga.

This intimate retreat, based on the research of Brené Brown, is for women and nonbinary professionals who want to show up, be seen, and live brave in their personal lives and careers.

If you struggle with perfectionism and self-criticism, want to build a more compassionate and empathetic relationship with yourself and others, or are working to find the courage to take more risks at work or at home – this is the retreat for you. Space is limited to six participants, so sign up today.

Facilitated by Maya Borgueta, PsyD, CDWF. Visit stellanovawomen.com/retreats and email maya@stellanovawomen.com to sign up.

Special Coaching/Tarot Offer


Mariah MacCarthy

It was so wonderful to meet you all in the magical rainbow landscape of the Saguaro! I'm offering 75-minute coaching or tarot sessions to BullConners for $75. We can do it from anywhere in the world via Zoom (video chat).

This is you, spreading your wings after our session! Wow, look at you go! I'm so proud!

* Offer expires Friday, October 12. You can book your session here.

* If you don't see any times that work for you, email me at mariah@mariahmaccarthy.com; I keep a few times offline for just such purposes. We'll work it out.

* You also can sign up for my love notes here! I only email you every couple weeks (on average), and only send emails that will make your day better.

* I love you, Bullicorns. We run this shit.

Captivating Candidate:

Improve Yourself, Get the Job


Erin Grace

Applying for jobs is hard, especially if you’re just starting out.

There’s a ton of free advice online, but is it worth anything? In this course, I discuss:

*Building a resume that actually stands out

*Creating a cover letter that doesn’t kill your soul

*Building a portfolio full of information decision makers care about

*Finding an interview persona that’s authentic and easy to embody

*Networking to make yourself noticed

*Tips and tricks to make all of this faster, easier, and less stressful

Sign up here.



Lethal Moves for Ladies: Webinars & Community (beta)

Lethal Moves for Ladies Banner - better + name.png

Caroline Mays

Lethal Moves will launch self-defense webinars & a community on October 15. BullCon18 attendees join free! The Lethal Moves webinars focus on the intellectual and psychological aspects of self-defense and survival. Webinars go into further detail on boundaries, mindsets, pre-incident indicators, and strategies that you can use to assess a situation and defend yourself.

While you watch the webinars, you can also to post about discussion questions in the online community – the Lethal Moves Sisterhood.

To join, go to facebook.com/groups/lethalmovessisterhood/ and request to join the community and type code BULLCON18 into the field. Email Lethalmovesforladies@gmail.com for more info.

Flourish & Bloom


Katie Dutcher

I had an amazing experience being in a room with so many introverts and HSPs, vibing on how we can value our style and honor our needs. Thank you! Remember, you can get all the resources and practices at www.katiedutcher.com/resources-introverts-hsps. If you’d like some support, accountability, and individualization as you implement new beliefs and practices, please know that I coach individuals who are looking to bring more mindfulness and intentionality their way of being in the world. Just email me at hello@katiedutcher.com or check out my coaching page. And finally, I am so excited to present a new self-guided course, "Transform Your Relationship to Anxiety," combining text, reflection prompts and guided audio meditations. Looking forward to keeping in touch!

Vital Voice Training - $50 off a single session, 15% off all coaching packages before 2019

Casey Erin Clark and Julie Fogh

Ready to write your dream TEDx talk, speak up and stand out more at work, pitch your company for funding, or stop dreading networking events?  We LOVED meeting and working with you all in Palm Springs - let's continue the conversation.  Session can be scheduled live in NYC (with Casey) or San Fran (with Julie), or via Zoom from anywhere.  Click here to schedule a free 15-minute consultation and get on the calendar, or email hello@vitalvoicetraining.com.

Make your work, werk toward justice


Sabrina Frometa

Whether you're running a small business of 2 or you're looking to level up in your career (or crushing it at work), it's our duty as woke bullcons to learn how to inject justice into our everything we do (Someone once said "with much wokeness, comes much responsibility"). If you'd like us to help you lead justly or help your team do the same, hit us up. In the meantime, fill out our User Manual for Working with Yourself and Others, start speaking your truth, and tell us how it went! 

Invite me to speak to your group! Feel free to email Sabrina directly @Sabrina Frometa and join the YAYA movement here