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The Embassy Row Hotel

-Dupont Circle-

The Embassy Row Hotel is situated at the center of Dupont Circle and what is informally known as Embassy Row – and it really is chock full of embassies! (Check 'em out here). The Dupont Circle neighborhood is the perfect intersection: a place where historic homes meet eclectic art, music, boutique shopping, dining, nightlife, and LGBT culture and history. And it's beautiful in the fall! 

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Embassy Row Hotel

2015 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20036

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Places to See

DC is full of beautiful monuments and historic sites to check out. Click here for details on which monuments are a must see.  

Where to Eat

Take advantage of DC's extensive and flavorful foodie scene 

Local Shopping

DC is home to so many great boutiques and shopping centers. Check them out here. 

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