#BullCon18 Speakers

Janani Sreenivasan


Nevertheless, She Tweeted: What Working For Underdog Political Campaigns Has Taught Me About Staying On Message, On Mission, and Unshriveled of Soul In These Trying-Ass Times

On November 9, 2016, Janani lost her sense of humor. She got it back while working on the 2018 midterms as a digital strategist, helping red-to-blue campaigns develop their voices online, and maintains that these campaigns offer an unexpected template for imagining, naming and pursuing unlikely goals in any realm of life—not just when running against Mittens Romney in Utah. If you're at BullCon, you probably have admirable, non-evil goals worth advancing, so stop by for an hour of storytelling and pep talk from the midterm trenches.

Sabrina Frometa

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How to hack work for justice: Speaking truth to power without getting fired

A conversation and interactive workshop empowering the ever-conscious and powerful 'employee' to lead their workplaces to justice. No longer can we just rely on HR to handle issues of humanity, every one of us can change the game. In the U.S. people spend ⅓ of their lifetime hours at work. That’s a whole of time with the same group of people sharing a particular space. It is in those places where we are forced to get along and get things done together, and not where we choose to do so, that we have the best chance of meeting some of the most profound challenges facing American society today.

This workshop will help folks at all levels communicate their truths, while keeping themselves and others accountable. We should be able to define who we are and what it takes to work with us: preferences, values, quirks and all. So what if we could shorten the learning curve for others by making explicit, things that might otherwise take weeks, months, or even years, to uncover?

Julie fogh and casey erin clark


Lightning Coaching for Pitches & Presentations

Participants prepare 3 minutes or less of material – can be a pitch, an intro of themselves or their business, a piece of a speech or presentation, etc.

After presenting the piece, we give the participant immediate hands-on feedback, coaching, and adjustments, and they have the chance to implement those changes on a second run-through.

Both participants and the crowd get the benefit of hearing advice and feedback and seeing the changes in real time, and the participants get the benefit of a supportive audience with enough of a “high stakes” feel to simulate a real-life experience of presenting on your feet.


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Lethal Moves for Ladies (and everyone!)

All of us have at some point felt uncomfortable, intimidated, or helpless in the presence of a subway skeeve or a creepy cousin. This seminar will guide participants through the discussion and development of self-defense response plans and escape routes. Next, we'll practice verbally responding to would-be harassers and assailants, as well as physically attacking lethal target areas—with a focus on throats and eyeballs. Leave this seminar with both renewed confidence and a personalized response plan, because until we smash the patriarchy, the Bullish sisterhood may also need to smash some faces.

Takeallah Rivera

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From Beginning to End: Creating a bada$$ morning and evening routine

We'll cover how to create morning and evening routines to allow for a smoother transition during the day and a relaxing transition into the evening. Takeallah will also share how creating a kicka$$ morning and evening routine has greatly impacted her mental health and well being.

Rachel Wynn

Emotional Labor is Holding Your Career Back: How to Stop Doing #AllTheThings

Women are naturally more empathetic and patient, enjoy running a household, and are the obvious choice for nurturing the children, right? The patriarchal message that women’s time and work is inherently less valuable is a systemic one and, conveniently, gives men an excuse to be lazy while women silently pick up the slack.

Yes, men today do a higher amount of household work than any generation before them, but working women, especially working moms, continue to do, on average, 50% more. From the endless mental lists to picking up the right brand of toilet paper at the store, women perform a disproportionate amount of unpaid "emotional labor" at home and at work (office mom anyone?) which saps time and energy that could be spent building their careers.


Never Stop Looking: Using Constructive Greed to Advance Your Career

You made your resume, interviewed for the position, and finally got the job. Sweet! But when should you start looking for a new job? When is it okay angle for the promotion? When is the right time look for entrepreneurial opportunities in your current job or outside it? Short answer: immediately. In this talk, I cover why you should never stop looking for the next thing, the myth of waiting to apply, why numbers trump "experience," and how being greedy makes you less hungry and more likely to succeed.

Dr. Maya Borgueta


Self-Compassion for Ambitious Women

So many of us have a love-hate relationship with this really harsh self-critical voice in our heads. I say love-hate because even though it clearly can bring us, we've also internalized this belief that being harsh on ourselves is the path to self-improvement and success. But it's a total myth; the science is clear that when we treat ourselves with compassion - even when we're failing or falling short - we're not only happier, but more motivated and resilient.


Design Your 2019 
Jen will cover the classic Bullish topics of: living deliberately, proactively designing your life and career, saying a guilt-free goodbye to things that aren't priorities, living with style, gravitas, meaning, and panache. Join the workshop this year to create a plan to make 2019 the best year yet.



Caring for Your Introverted/HSP Self: Practices for Meeting Your Needs & Cultivating Your Strengths

Introverts and Highly Sensitive People are amazing creatures! And since we often find ourselves in situations that favor extroversion, it's essential for us to know ourselves well, to view our own style as valid, and to do what we need to do to make sure we're feeling at our best: safe and confident in our own skin. When all this is in place our strengths are on display, and we're able to show up in the world in the way that we intend to. Discover day-to-day routines to support your unique needs and strengths, practice emergency maneuvers to ground you in stressful situations, and be ready to share your own secrets of introvert success.

Maryn Masumiya (Partnerships at Skillcrush)


Hilary Fetter
(Dir. of Marketing at Skillcrush)


Build the Remote Career of Your Dreams

Are you tired of your soul-sucking commute, uninspiring workplaces that keep you from your actual life, or the daily grind of office politics and your controlling boss? Join us for this interactive workshop + career assessment designed to get you out of the cubicle and into the freedom of a remote career ASAP.
You’ll learn:

  • What types of remote jobs will pay you the most (and which ones to avoid)

  • The secret skill set that is the bridge to remote work

  • Innovative ways to work remotely that you may not have thought of

  • How to be the first remote worker at your current company

Women have been underpaid and overworked because the rigid 9-to-5 culture isn’t a fit for the unique life experiences that women face. Remote work IS a feminist issue and can provide a clear path to landing you a seat at the table (while wearing yoga pants...in your living room...with your fur baby or your real baby). Come get inspired no matter your professional background or experience level—all are welcome!

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Money and Margaritas

Join us for a nighttime chat and Q&A over margaritas, because talking about money should be awesome (and a little salty).
Do you worry that if you had money, you’d only misspend it or squander it? Does the thought of taking action with your finances terrify you? Are you an entrepreneur with imposter syndrome? Then you’ll love this informal discussion on money mindsets! We’ll discuss how to:

  • Explore your emotions and behaviors surrounding money

  • Overcome negative mindsets and habits about spending

  • Give yourself permission to seek out abundance

  • Use your new money mindset to do the things you’ve been afraid to do